Dave Ominsky First Base Sports, Inc. is the worldwide leader in helping people understand sports through educational media. Founded in 1992, the company was the first to serve this important niche by publishing the highly acclaimed Spectator Guide Series of books on football, hockey, basketball and soccer. The company also offers a guide to help aspiring high school student athletes garner collegiate sports scholarships.

PJ HarariThe organization was established in Manhattan Beach, California by two UCLA graduate understudies, P.J. Harari and Dave Ominsky, who met at the Anderson Graduate School of Management while seeking after their MBAs. It was while functioning as a lawyer preceding selecting in business college that Ms. Harari found the open door. Her customers regularly led conferences at ball games or hockey games and she invested her energy exhausted or professing to comprehend what was happening.

Harari went looking for a book of standards wanting to understand her quandary. Without a doubt the nearby library would have something, she thought, or maybe a neighborhood book shop. Be that as it may, she had no good fortune. She turned to showing herself football by watching diversions on TV, end of the week following quite a while of sitting alone in her lounge room. Harari did likewise with hockey and b-ball. Furthermore, as her aptitude developed, she was gone by companions, male and female alike, who might close her office entryway and unobtrusively trust that they don’t knew anything about games and frantically required or needed to learn. These individuals required more than the standards. They expected to end up noticeably conversational about games.

At business school, Harari met Dave Ominsky, a lifelong sports fanatic. As a youngster, Dave became a Philadelphia Phillies baseball geek, and after his father taught him how to take the subway to Veterans Stadium, he used it to attend dozens of games with his school buddies at the ripe old age of 12. After learning baseball in intricate detail, he began to learn about hockey, football and finally soccer, and was so proud of his new knowledge that he constantly tried to explain them to his mother and sister, who were not exactly big fans. So when Harari approached him at business school 15 years later with her idea to educate the masses about sports, Ominsky realized that they could start a successful company in a field he had enjoyed since childhood.
Thus, First Base Sports and the Spectator Guide Series were born.