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The definitive guide for student-athletes
to finance their college education.

This easy-to-read workbook/guide provides student-athletes with a step-by-step approach on how to win one of more than 180,000 athletic scholarships worth over $1.2 billion annually. The best news for many high school athletes is that they don't have to be superstars to win a sports scholarship but they do need a game plan. Authors Penny Hastings and Todd Caven are experts in the field, and prove it by showing student-athletes how to:

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  • Develop a step-by-step game plan to win a sports scholarship
  • Identify colleges offering scholarships in their sport
  • Market themselves to attract the attention of college coaches
  • Assess their athletic and academic skills with a series of quizzes
  • Assemble their own Sports Resume Kit TM
  • Decide which is the best college for them
  • Negotiate scholarship offers successfully

The skyrocketing cost of a college education is enough to send parents and students into a panic. With expenses escalating an estimated 6.5% a year, the average 4-year degree could cost over $80,000 for a student entering in 2009. For private universities this amount might well exceed $161,000. While grants and academic scholarships are hard to come by and loans must be repaid, the sports scholarship is one often-overlooked solution. The variety of sports in which scholarships are awarded is surprising -- 34 sports from archery to wrestling -- with many yielding even greater opportunities for women than ever before.

How to Win A Sports Scholarship is based on the authors' own personal experiences and extensive research, including interviews with over 1,000 college coaches and athletic directors, student-athletes and their parents, high school coaches and guidance counselors, and financial aid advisors. Since 1992, the authors have also held seminars to teach their system to eager student-athletes and parents.

What People "In the Know" Are Saying About This Book
"By using your book in my last two years of high school I was recruited by my top college choices. I accepted a scholarship to University of California at Davis," says Stephen Samson, former water polo player.

"How To Win A Sports Scholarship contains essential information for every aspiring college athlete," says Sam Koch, Head Men's Soccer Coach, University of Massachusetts.

"I would definitely recommend this book to student-athletes, their parents and coaches," states Joan E. Powell, National Official, U.S. Volleyball Association and 30-year Varsity Volleyball Coach, Coronado High School, Colorado.

"While my background is somewhat sports focused, 'How To Win A Sports Scholarship' has been an invaluable tool in helping me educate my kids on the importance of developing a strategy for obtaining a sports scholarship. I'm happy to say that both my boys have caught the eye of several universities across the country and are currently in discussions," says Simone Jones, Senior Poker and Casino Reporter at Casinotop10.net.