The definitive guide for student-athletes
to finance their college education.

This simple to-peruse exercise manual/control furnishes understudy competitors with a well ordered approach on the most proficient method to win one of more than 180,000 athletic grants worth over $1.2 billion every year. The best news for some secondary school competitors is that they don’t need to be geniuses to win a games grant … in any case, they do require a course of action. Creators Penny Hastings and Todd Caven are specialists in the field, and demonstrate it by demonstrating to understudy competitors generally accepted methods to:

  • Develop a well ordered blueprint to win a games grant
  • Identify schools offering grants in their game
  • Market themselves to pull in the consideration of school mentors
  • Assess their athletic and scholarly abilities with a progression of tests
  • Assemble their own particular Sports Resume Kit TM
  • Decide which is the best school for them
  • Negotiate grant offers effectively

The skyrocketing cost of a college education is enough to send parents and students into a panic. With expenses escalating an estimated 6.5% a year, the average 4-year degree could cost over $80,000 for a student entering in 2009. For private universities this amount might well exceed $161,000. While grants and academic scholarships are hard to come by and loans must be repaid, the sports scholarship is one often-overlooked solution. The variety of sports in which scholarships are awarded is surprising — 34 sports from archery to wrestling — with many yielding even greater opportunities for women than ever before.

How to Win A Sports Scholarship is based on the authors’ own personal experiences and extensive research, including interviews with over 1,000 college coaches and athletic directors, student-athletes and their parents, high school coaches and guidance counselors, and financial aid advisors. Since 1992, the authors have also held seminars to teach their system to eager student-athletes and parents.

What People “In the Know” Are Saying About This Book
By using your book in my last two years of high school I was recruited by my top college choices. I accepted a scholarship to University of California at Davis,” says Stephen Samson, former water polo player.

How To Win A Sports Scholarship contains essential information for every aspiring college athlete,” says Sam Koch, Head Men’s Soccer Coach, University of Massachusetts.

I would definitely recommend this book to student-athletes, their parents and coaches,” states Joan E. Powell, National Official, U.S. Volleyball Association and 30-year Varsity Volleyball Coach, Coronado High School, Colorado.