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For nearly a decade, these instructional books on Hockey, Football, Basketball and Soccer have been helping people understand sports from the spectator's point of view. Easy to read and filled with illustrations and action photographs, these guides are written to appeal to a variety of audiences, including adults who are new fans, children looking to learn the basics of a sport they play, and their coaches. Even existing fans benefit from having a quick reference guide to their favorite sport.

Each chapter is written to stand alone, so you don't need to read the book from cover to cover. However, if you start at page one, the chapters do build logically and become more detailed as you progress. By the end you will be enjoying the sport more because you understand it, dazzling friends with your grasp of the rules and strategies, and even impressing others with your knowledge of sports personalities, trivia and terms.

Each Book Contains:
- Basic Rules of the Game
- What To Look For During Play
- League and Playoff Formats
- Players and Teams of the Past and Present
- Statistics Explained
- Complete Glossary