Review of First Base Sports

For about 10 years, these instructional books on Hockey, Football, Basketball and Soccer have been helping individuals comprehend sports from the onlooker’s perspective.

Simple to peruse, full of pictures, photos, these instructions are composed for different people. For grown-ups who just start to be fond of sports, for youngsters willing to know all essentials of a game they play, for even sports coaches. Besides, sports lovers find this book interesting.

Every part is a separate chapter, so you don’t have to peruse the whole book. In any case, starting with the first page, go ahead, as there are more details deeper in the book. At the end, you’ll love and understand your sport more, dazzling friends with your grasp of the rules and strategies, and even impressing others with your knowledge of sports personalities, trivia and terms.

Each Book Contains:

– Basic Rules of the Game
– What To Look For During Play
– League and Playoff Formats
– Players and Teams of the Past and Present
– Statistics Explained
– Complete Glossary