Part 1: Give Your Athletic Talent A chance to take You to College
Part 2: You Don’t Have to Be a Superstar to Win a Sports Scholarship
Part 3: Athletic Scholarships
Part 4: Evaluating Your Athletic Potential: Do You Have What It Takes?
Part 5: How Athletics and Academics Go Hand in Hand in Winning a Sports Scholarship
Part 6: The Process Begins
Part 7: Instructions to Identify the Academic and Athletic Programs Best Suited to You
Part 8: Instructions to Build Your Sports Resume Kit(TM)
Part 9: Selecting Etiquette: Dealing with College Coaches to Increase Your Chances of Being Chosen
Part 10: Turning into Your Own Sports Agent: What to Do When a Coach Is Interested
Part 11: Know the Rules: Illegal Recruiting Can Cost You!
Part 12: School Scholarships and Other Financial Aid
Part 13: Ladies in Sports: Golden Opportunities for Female Athletes
Part 14: The Transition to College Athletics