This simple to-peruse control, loaded with representations and activity photos, contains everything for the fan and non-fan alike to comprehend and appreciate the game of soccer. Each area remains solitary, so it can be utilized as a convenient reference guide, and it is so lightweight it can without much of a stretch be taken to recreations. The book incorporates:

Makes A Great Gift!!
  • The Rules of Soccer Simplified
  • World Cup History and Format
  • What to Look For During Play
  • Soccer Skills and Player Positions
  • Youth Soccer Rule Differences
  • Stars of the Past and Present
  • A Complete Glossary

Since increasing exceptional notoriety in the U.S. amid the 1994 World Cup, soccer has proceeded with its unstable development. With the foundation of Major League Soccer, the new U.S. proficient alliance in the late 1990s, Americans across the nation are anxious to take in more about this game. With the assistance of this guide, you will all the more effectively comprehend what is occurring amid play and find why soccer is the world’s most well known game.