This article presents the extensive information about sports betting and online casinos. We are going to explain you the features of the industry. You will find out the gaming strategies, features, and promotions offered by Katie’s book of NetEnt casinos.

This information will be helpful for both beginners and professional players. You will find the appropriate ways to put and withdraw money, how to get benefits from mobile platforms and so on. We will teach you how to win big!

Introduction to Sports Betting

The rivalry is an inherent feature of our nature. Through the course of history, people have always been competing with each other. And there always has been a place for debates concerning one or another event: the most interesting thing was to make stakes on the outcome of some issues.

The vivid example of betting in ancient history is Greece. Men of weight wagered on Olympic Games and combats of gladiators. That was not only a way to entertain themselves but also a business bringing a fast income. Thus, gambling existed in the past and it has not lost its popularity nowadays.

In our generation, this tendency has even intensified, also, with the strong impact of the Internet.

Your success in this field largely depends on a good understanding of the sports betting principles. The better you comprehend its aspects and also the aspects of a certain sport, the more winnings you to sports betting in netent casinos book

Role of Bookmaker

A bookmaker is an institution or a single person that accepts stakes and manages payouts. The bookie lays down the stake values calculated from the probability of a certain event.

The operator decides what odds to settle down. To do this properly, it has to take into account a lot of factors.

Basic Terms: Staking Odds, Vigorish, Hit Rate

There are some specific terms to understand correctly:

  • Staking odds – is the probability of a certain event. It is represented in decimals and calculated usually by a bookmaker. We shall provide an example for better understanding. For instance, one team (no matter to what sports it belongs) has 1.20 to another team. That means nothing for us, so, we need to convert it into % using a formula (O-1) ÷O= % of failure where “O” is odds. Thus, (1.20-1) ÷1.20= 0.166. It means 16.6% of defeat. 100%-16.6%= 83.4% of winning.
  • Vigorish – is, in further words, the revenue that a bookmaker gains from players’ bets. It is something like house edge in traditional casino games. This revenue is generated regardless of the outcome. On an average, it takes around 5% of each bet.
  • Hit rate – is the ratio of your right and wrong predictions. For example, if you guessed 10 of 20 outcomes, then your rate equals 50%.

Popular Betting Strategies in Netent Casinos Book

It is highly important to develop the gaming strategy, as it allows you to bet with your eyes open. It helps you win more often than it could be without any planning. Professional players always have their special plan based on their own experience. Now we shall provide several important tips to help you develop your own approach.

Ways of Bankroll Management

Bankroll management means the best way of spending your funds. There are some strategies that will definitely help you increase the winnings.

  • First of all, do not make a very popular mistake among newbies. They make big stakes, lose them, and then try to take them back next time by wagering big again. This misstep is called “chasing a loss”. If you lost a vast sum, resist panic, and never do like that. Even if there are good odds, anyway, they are calculated by flesh-and-blood-people who can make a mistake. Even more, the teams can do so. There is always a risk that something will go wrong in a game.
  • That is why bettors use “level staking” plan. It means you should bet between 1% and 5 % of your total amount. This approach minimizes the risks in both short and long-term betting.
  • Variable plan. In this case, you arrange the wagered amount according to key factors such as your confidence in the desirable outcome, the return you expect and the total fund. For example, if you doubt and hesitate, it will be better to spend even 1%. On the contrary, if you are 100% sure that everything is okay, you can spend more.

Theory of Zig Zag

The Zig Zag theory is based on the opinion that the team which lost will definitely win next time. That may work in NBA championships. Some players consider this idea as wrongful because the loser team was defeated due to unprofessionalism, but not an accident.

On the other hand, this team will try to take the victory back. However, the research says the opportunities in future competitions are completely similar for both winners and losers.netent casinos book - guide to sports betting

Common Types of Sports Betting

Here are popular types of sports betting:

  • Money line betting. You bet on one outcome of the event. As there can be numerous possible results, you choose one of them.
  • Live wagering. You place bets after the event start.
  • Parlay wagering. It is a collective stake that consists of two or more wagers. The winning is paid according to the whole result.
  • Totals. If you do not know what team is going to win, then it is time to use this way. The bettor counts on the total score of the game. They gamble on the value under or over the expected score.

Netent Casinos Book Elements

Net Entertainment supports sportsbooks with excellent applications, mobile features. Bookmakers powered by Netent allow beneficial bonuses for both newbies and advanced bettors. Moreover, you will withdraw the winnings easily due to the great range of available payment methods.

Range of Sports Games and Competitions

You will never be bored, as you can choose between the best sports ever. You can place bets on soccer, basketball, hockey, American football, baseball, golf, tennis, and boxing. But that is not the end: enjoy staking on Formula one, handball, horse racing, volleyball, rugby, even snooker and darts.

Another opportunity is eSports. Nowadays it has gained popularity. You can make a killing with the help of CS:GO or World of Tanks, for example. These games are just fascinating and very interesting.

What sports to choose and how many sports to wager on? You can focus on one particular game and become an expert in this field. That means better gambling quality for you. However, the quantity will suffer. While concentrating on different activities, you will spread yourself too thin. That is why it would be better to choose similar sports events.

Available Payment Methods

You can choose the most convenient variant among such banking options:

  • Credit, debit and pre-paid cards. It is a fast and secure service.
  • E-wallets.
  • Bank transfers. Direct withdrawals and deposits.
  • Bitcoin. Anonymous and fee-free method.

You should take into account such terms as maximum withdrawal limit, minimum contribution amount, country restrictions, and charges.

For instance, the max payoff can be around $20,000 within 30 business days. Actually, it sounds good.

Some operators charge inactive account commission from those who do not visit his sportsbooks page for a long time. If you are one of these bettors, then you have to pay $5 tax, for example.sports betting review in netent casinos book

Netent Casinos Book Bonuses for Sport Lovers

The Netent casinos book offers various promotions as the audience builder. Also, the operator gives bonuses for a more pleasant start. There are several types of promos and they are very similar to those in traditional casinos:

  • Welcome award for new customers. It gives you additional money (attached to the percentage of the sum) depending on the amount of your initial deposit. Its % may vary, but, on an average, it is around 100-200%.
  • Match reward. It is the same as the previous one. However, you can claim it every time it is available.
  • Reload gift. It is also about match percentage. But it is available on a regular basis – monthly, weekly, and daily.
  • Free bet. That means you can make a free stake in certain sports, in other words, a bookie gives you money to place a bet without any deposit required.

Terms and conditions apply to all gifts. Look at them carefully. It is the most important thing when it comes to presents from gambling institutions. For instance, you must satisfy a rollover before withdrawing any funds gained with perks. Fortunately, it’s much fewer – around 4 times.

Mobile Betting Features

Net Entertainment proposes nice things to those who appreciate freedom and mobility. Online sportsbooks powered by Netent maintain mobile versions of their websites.

It means you can enjoy betting right on your smartphone. Currently, a large number of sites is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms. You can use not only phones but also tablets. A big screen brings more comfort while placing bets.

The portable performance is as good as a desktop one, and even better due to the great variety of downloadable applications. App stores will provide you convenient and functional programs. Proceed to the application store of your brand, search for sportsbooks and then click “install”.

You can also make operation directly from the website using your browser.

In both cases, you have to create an account first. For this, you should go to the online bookmaker and complete the registration.