Certainly, a player should have a throughout knowledge of matches and the latest news to win great money through making stakes on sport events. However, it is surely crucial to choose the correct wagering technique which can multiply the overall reward.

Money Line Sports Betting

This common type is available on each online book casinos Netent website. The system is quite simple – someone is winning and another is losing. Each competition can give a possibility playing on different outcomes. Just put bets on a team which, as you think, will win, who will produce the last goal, etc.

Staking on Related Parlays

This option requires betting on several events. For instance, there are four basketball matches where the German team plays. Your prediction is that Germany will win all of them. In fact, it won three and the last one was a draw. Consequently, you lost. Thus, amounts are higher here, but the chances to win are much lower.netent casinos book presents sports betting types

Prop Wagering

Such wagers got a nickname as a “chump” due to its nature. The idea is to guess some indeed concrete things that are quite unpredictable. Taking an example of football: the exact quantity of penalties, who will get yellow cards, who will not play the whole 90 minutes on the pitch, how many corners there will be occurred.

The bookmakers understand that the estimation is hard, so they usually take stakes only to get a vigorish.

Live Staking in Netent Casinos Books

Exactly, online Netent gambling platforms also allow betting during the event. Thus, the odds are changing frequently and people can deposit money all the time. However, it concerns only sports, which do not include much interruption, like horse racing of football. So, you must follow the match and have good internet to make fast changes.

Over/Under Bets

Sometimes, the teams are equal. So, people are afraid to make some predictions. Indeed, there are huge chances to lose cash. A NetEnt online casino, to keep such gamblers, has created another kind of wagering system, called “totals”.

Thus, the operator settles the average. For instance, both teams score 4.5 goals in this particular match. So, if you put on “over” and they, in fact, made 5 goals – you won.

e-Sports Staking

Electronic changes have touched all the spheres, including sport. Nowadays, there are many international gaming tournaments and competitions. People from different continents play the same amusement in live regime, such as Call of Duty, Smite, Dota 2, Starcraft, etc. Importantly, everyone can follow the contest online using any browser.

Other Types to Bet on Sports in Netent Casinos Book

Undoubtedly, lots of options for an individual to make bets is important as he/she can choose the most convenient one and to get better chances to win. Nevertheless, the abovementioned types do not constitute an exhaustive list and there are others.sports betting types in netent casinos book


The creator of pari-mutuel system, Joseph Oller, initiated a wagering system that does not involve bookmakers. There are no official odds. In short, two outcomes of the match exist (winner is X or Z). 100 people put $10 each for X and 20 put $10 for Y.

The overall bank is $1,200. If team Y wins, 20 people will get $60 each. In another case, 100 people will get $12 each. If you invested more – then, of course, the winning amount is higher.

Exchange and Spread Betting

The first one, exchange, does not involve any intermediate as individuals are playing opposite to each other. Thus, odds are created artificially. There are always two “back” and “lay” for each outcome. The second option looks like the over/under type.

There is a fixed number chosen by the bookmaker, which gives two choices for players. For instance, they prediction is that the overall score of the basketball game will be 221.5 points. So, there are only possibilities to bet on 221 or 222.

Teasers & Pleasers

These are two opposite visions of the same technique which is quite common in the USA. They both represent a merge of spreads and totals in one mechanism. Therefore, they impose multiplying bets and putting the over/under.

However, the teasers operate when the totals are in your favor and pleasers – vice versa. For instance, the spreads in football are: for team A+2, B-4, C+7. Your teaser is: A+4, B-1, C+2. So, the gap covered by your stake for team A is to lose from 2 points to 4, for B – to win from 1 point to 4, in C – to lose from 2 to 7.