Net Entertainment has been supporting and developing not only common casino activities but also sports betting. It’s a quite old activity, as its history traces back to Rome Empire and the emperors placing bets on the result of gladiators’ duels.

Now the things are not as cruel as in Rome and people wager on the results of different competitions such as horse racing, football, tennis and so on.

The rules and opportunities largely differ from traditional gambling. You stake on the events that can be predicted. Thus, if you know the insights into, for example, the forthcoming football match, you can predict the outcome.

For instance, if one team consists of scrub players, the rival will very likely defeat it. That is why the winner is that person who knows how to make right stakes.

As the industry migrated to the Internet, bookmakers started adjusting their websites to mobile platforms.

The strong side of portable gaming in book casinos from Netent is the convenience of use, as you can get uninterrupted access to the sportsbook and enjoy it everywhere and anytime. Moreover, the interface will never set your nerves on edge because it is simple and intuitive.

However, the small screen can cause some discomfort if you are used to watching everything on a big PC display. Another inconvenience is device compatibility – not all platforms and OSs are supported.sports betting in mobile netent casinos book

Available Mobile Devices

Currently, you can find sportsbooks for Windows, Android, Blackberry, iOS. You should remember that one website may not support all of these platforms. That is why look at the bookie’s terms.


You can enjoy various sportsbooks right on your Android device. Sports betting is available on both smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the screen is much bigger than on the Windows or Blackberry phones.

For instance, Samsung produces tablets with impressive characteristics: Galaxy View with 18.4-inch Full HD screen. Lenovo also produces excellent devices with a 10-13-inch display. The same goes for mobile phones. In addition, there is a huge bunch of applications that can definitely satisfy a gambling gourmet. Thus, it is the easy and convenient way to place bets.


Apple gets with the program as well. Its products are famous for safeness, high quality, and stability.

The App Store never places malware due to strict security and copyright policies. That is why your iPhone or iPad sports betting will be completely safe. Moreover, the significant number of applications will allow you to choose the best one.

How to Bet in Mobile Netent Casinos Book?

Speaking of the performance, mobile betting is as good as the desktop version. It contains all the functions and features of the PC online or downloadable gaming. And, at the same time, it is more convenient due to the absence of any other distractive buttons, links, pictures, adverts which are normally present on the website.

Go to Mobile Staking Site

In order to place bets on the mobile website, you have to follow these steps:

  • Follow the sportsbook website;
  • Click on the registration button;
  • You have to fill in personal information. Besides email address, that may include street address and zip code, first name, last name, city, etc.;
  • After registration, fund your account and start betting;
  • If you are already registered, just log in.

You can register using your PC if it is more comfortable for you.netent casinos book - sports betting on mobile

Download Netent Casinos Book App

To use the mobile betting program, you should do the following:

  • Go to the Play Market or the App Store;
  • Search for needed application;
  • Install it;
  • Log in. If you have no account yet, please follow the registration steps;
  • Enjoy your favorite sportsbooks.

Downloading the Netent casinos book brings you more benefits over the online mobile version.
First of all, it is easy to receive necessary information, as the stats and events are always displayed on the screen. In addition, you do not need to launch the browser first, and then log in all the time you close or open it.

Your Favorite Sports for Betting on Mobile

What sports can we bet on? There is a plenty of team games as well as single competitions like tennis matches. Players usually wager on popular contests such as football, basketball, horse racing, and hockey. Also, bettors take into account boxing, car racing, mixed martial arts and other activities.

But, in general, you should choose that field, which you are good at. Or, if you are far from those things, you should go deeper and learn more about that. Your success depends on your knowledge.