Together with casino games, sports betting took its own significant place in the gambling sphere. The appearance of such wagers began with the first disputes regarding horse racing over 3 thousand years ago in ancient Rome. Since that time, the popularity of stakes on various sport events has increased constantly.

Today, the list of the most prevalent sports to bet on consists of basketball, football, cricket, Formula 1, rugby, boxing, tennis, soccer and etc.

Legal wagers are performed by the bookmakers through the Internet. A lot of sites offer gambling services, but not every is qualified and decent. Successful online gaming representatives have to use proven software, which is developed by the reputable providers. Netent casinos sportsbook sites take the leading position among others, as their program applications are the best.

Not only the choice of the provider has to be considered before making a bet, but also the understanding of sports and the types of wagering. Both professional gamblers and amateurs have the only one goal – to win. But it will be difficult to do without having a complete understanding of the rules. types of sports to bet in netent casinos book

Bet on American Football

American football is admired sport of major Americans. Its rules are not so complicated, however, require experience and luck. The game is aimed to get the maximum number of points, placing the ball in the opponents’ zone (touchdown).

Two teams offensive and defensive with 11 players in each play on the rectangular field separately. When one team plays, another is waiting for its turn. The key player in this sport is a quarterback. Therefore, the result of the bet depends on his conduction of the play.

Easy Cricket Staking

The same as the previous one cricket is the game of two teams. The general quantity of the players is 22. Here players get points by hitting the opponent’s ball and changing position between two wickets. There are several ways, which a bettor can choose to stake on cricket like pre-match and in-play wagering.

Netent Casinos Book with Soccer Betting

Soccer is a worldwide game between two teams. It offers a variety of betting options in Netent casinos book: straight result, first goal soccer, scorecast, etc.

Baseball Opportunities

Baseball is a quite popular game between 18 players (9 in each team). Its goal is to beat off the ball by turns and move across the field on specific positions. The player has a choice to stake on a team, which predictably can win (money line bet), or on the general quantity of runs of one team (total runs).

Skilled Golf Game

A player has to pass a round of 18 holes in a certain order. This game has several betting options: win bets (concerns one golfer who can win), head to head matchup (bettors predict how exactly golfers will act) and some others.

Other Sports in Netent Casinos Book

In Netent casinos book sites a player has a chance to stake on tennis, basketball, boxing, Formula 1 and many others. All these sports are exciting enough and have own betting opportunities. Men and women can enjoy watching their favorite game and winning money at the same time.netent casino book - sport types to bet on

Should I Bet on One Sport or Many?

A lot of bookmakers recommend betting on various sports. First of all, games are based not only on strategies or experience, but also have a certain portion of luck. Nobody knows when it is favorable to the player. Moreover, different games have different rules, and some of them are complicated enough. One mistake may cost bettor’s money.


Of course, experienced gamblers know all cons and pros of single and multiple sport betting. The advantages look as follows: betting on a certain game allows a player to become a professional; it is easier to follow all changes concerning one game; single sport requires small investments.


Staking on one sport has some disadvantages. First, there is less probability of winning. Once a player bets on several sports, he/she has more chances to succeed. Secondly, some sports are conducted in particular seasons. For those, who prefer one game, it may cause inconvenience.